Charting New Territory, the Old Fashioned Way

We live in a world where information is only a click away. Convenient? Sure. Well, at least until the technology glitches. Personal, local, and handcrafted? Not so much. With large corporations dominating online space, it’s easy for local businesses to get left behind.

Spring Hill Press maps bring businesses associated in your Chamber’s area to the forefront. Our maps are personalized to your city. Printed on only the highest quality, thick, high-gloss enamel paper, they’ll last the journey, and then some.

Let our maps
be your guide


Our Z fold maps are designed to provide maximum exposure to 5 premium advertising panels. The Z fold design provides easy fold control as well. 


Roll-fold maps are a great option for smaller chambers. Our roll-fold maps are half-sheet size with five panels. 

Flat Maps

Flat maps are an unfolded map, glued in pads of 100 maps per pad. This design makes it easy for visitors to tear off one at a time.


Spring Hill Press chamber maps are paid for through advertising opportunities. Depending on the map type your chamber chooses, ads for businesses in the chamber will be placed around the map. The advertisements on our map are shown on both printed and digital maps.


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